Adrast is a black and white screen-toned free-to-read graphic novel that follows two storylines based in the fantasy world of Animus. It is a magic based world deep within a war with a dedicated group of hunters known as The Council and monsters of nightmares known as Efahs.

In one of the stories we follow a man named Jacob who is sent to the town of Willowbury to kill an Efah by the name of Hallow. To Jacob's surprise, the Efah is just a 7 year old boy who just adores cake and shows Jacob around. After a great battle Jacob is left with the decision to kill the child or take him under his wing. But doing so, the act of not following direct orders forces him to face the dire consequences.

On the other hand we follow Alice, an independent female protagonist who seeks the dangerous life of a huntress. In her hometown of Willowbury, she meets a conceited teenage boy named Kynan, who continues to belittle Alice as a Huntress. In a stroke of bad luck, the duo is forced to travel together to an academy in Caliga, where Alice will gain the skills needed to hunt and kill efahs to protect her friends and family.

The two plotlines eventually intersect, both having equal goals for their destinations. Throughout their journey they will have to travel and fight for their lives, correcting the wrongs they have committed.


Adrast was first written in 2012 for a roleplay plot which Jesi and I created, formerly known as Nightmare Wearhouse- which I (Mimi) accidentally misspelled. The story was adapted into the first version of the comic, only being a bonus for the followers but wasn't taken completely seriously because in a sense it wasn't supposed to be a webcomic series to begin with. But after much story development and the gain of a new writer; Karla, Jesi, and I (Mimi) had began creating the story seriously in 2013, being renamed to Adrast and revising the whole story. Many followers from the Roleplay allowed their characters to be cameoed within the comic, such as Alyk and Marco.

After nearly half a year of redrawing and revising the plot about 2 to 5 times, I finally decided to stop (not really more like jesi told me to stop) revising the plot and take on a new method of creating the comic pages. TRADITIONALLY! Even though there has been many bumps, and LONG hiatuses, I am on the right track of creating pages, allowing me to be able to post at least one every week! We now have a new addition to our team, Bre who helps us with organizing and kicking our butts when we become too lazy to do adrast. She has also helped us with coloring, shading and web designing this site! Soon enough her characters will be introduced into this long plot line! We will be one big happy family then!

The Foolish Bandits

Our team name and merchandise name. We are all a group of friends that help one another out and make stories with each other!
Mariah LeBlanc
Nickname: Mimi or Piruu
Role: Artist, Writer, Character Designer, Web Designer
Hi, I'm Mariah, the one that draws the comic and a co-writer to Adrast. I'm the one that sketches lines and tones the comic. I am also the designer of Hallow and Kynan. I'm a full time comic artist and dedicate all my time to drawing comics and concepts art for comics. I don't see myself as a professional because there is so much I can learn about comics, but I try my best. I am at the moment not in school or have a job, so I make all my money with commissions and Comics. I will be making another comic, or already have so look out for that.

If you have any questions, concerns, or even want to report a bug on the website, you can tell me on the comments, ask my tumblr or Email me. Or if you just want to chat you can just drop a comment on one of the pages, I always look at those~!

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Jessica Searcy
Nickname: Jesi or Uni
Role: Artist, Writer, Character Designer, Editor
Hello! My name is Jessica and I am one of the co-writers for the story of Adrast. I've helped come up with many characters and concepts for this world that you will and have already seen in the comic.

I'm a comic artist myself that works a full time job, trying my best to pour out whatever I can for this project when not at work. So don't be surprised if it takes me some time to reply to you. Other then that, if you have any questions, feel like talking, or just want to squeal about something~ Feel free to drop me a email or note me on DA!

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Karla Estrada
Nickname: Karlos
Role: Artist, Writer, Character Design, Manliest Husband
Hey there, I'm Karla I kinda suck when it comes to talking about myself. I am a freshman at college currently taking some basic courses until I finally decide what I'm going to major in. Strange how you might be thinking "Why aren't you going to major in art Karlos?" Well that's a different story reader. Anyways enough about me all you guys need to know it that I will forever love pugs. I am that one in the group that is a lazy ass that should be working harder on the comic. I am the creator of Alice and her family as well as other charterers that haven't made an appearance yet. I am active on tumblr if you want to see me there say a quick hi or if you want to ask me somthing as well I'll answer you

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Brianna Manning
Nickname: Bre
Role: Artist, Writer, Character Designer, Web Designer, Editor
Hey, I'm Bre who's the newbie to the group. I'm currently an university student here in Australia studying illustration. I joined the team after working a year or two on a roleplay plot that's set in the universe of Adrast as the others thought I would be an... interesting addition.

For the most part, I recently started colouring and shading the pages as well as editing and helping out Mimi with the design layouts where she needed it, including writing up a portion of the information for the website. In the future I'll be more of a co-writer, introducing a few characters of my own- that will some sort of traumatic. You're welcome to bug me whenever, you should see me around regardless.

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F. A. Q

Q. How long will the comic be?
A. Very long.

Q. Why are there two different stories going at once?
A. It'll make sense later, hold tight.

Q. Is the comic published?
A. Not as of yet, there are plans for it to be self-published in book format but nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

Q. What about other merchandise?
A. Any merchandise will be updated in Mimi's shop. For the moment, there are plans for more prints and products but won't be seeked into for some time.

Q. How are the comic pages made?
A. The whole team writes where necessary. Mimi draws the thumbnails on the computer before she sketches and lines out the pages on paper, then scans, takes it into photoshop to clean up. She then sends the files to Bre who does additional clean up, colors and shades. It's then sent back to Mimi who tones and does final edits, including things such as sound effects.

Q. What materials are used for creating the comic?
A. Mimi uses a 00.3 mechanical pencil for both lining and sketching. For paper she uses cardstock 110lb white 8.5 X 11in. On the computer, Bre and Mimi both use Photoshop CS6. Mimi and Bre both use Wacom Intuos 5.