The character's page will be updated as more characters and information is revealed throughout the story. Please make sure you're up to date with the story because this page will have a million spoilers.

Main Cast

Jacob Richardson
First Appears: Chapter 1
Gender: Male
Race: Unknown
Age: 34
Arcane: Ater (?), possibly unknown
Jacob is a high ranking hunter that's not really known until he is spoken by name, due to his suspicious appearance and deceiving rumors. His past is a mystery and how he even became a hunter more so. What is known is that he originated from Silva, and even though he is obviously not human, he gets high respect from them unlike others.
Hallow Albatram
( Henry "AL-ba-TRA-um" )
First Appears: Chapter 1
Gender: Male
Race: Efah (?)
Age: 7
Arcane: Ater sub Nature
A young orphan boy from Willowbury whose real name is a mystery. Coming off as sweet and innocent with an uncanny love for cake; the whole town seems to have some sort of grudge over him, possibly connected to his adoptive father. Despite his cute, innocent manner, the kid has been put on the Council's wanted list for mass murder. He's still on the loose as no hunter can stomach the guilt of killing a child.
Alice Volkava
( Alice "Vul-ka-VA" )
First Appears: Chapter 2
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 15
Arcane: Fire
Alice is a strong willed, independent teenager from the town of Willowbury. She lives with her father, and three younger siblings after her mother left to be with a rich man, unable to stand the poor lifestyle. She also has two older brothers have already left home. She has large dreams of leaving her hometown to become a huntress, mostly with the intent to protect her family. With her close friends, Alyk and Marco, they plan to travel to a hunters academy in the country of Caliga after an encounter with Kynan.
Kynan Nightngale
( "KAY-NAN Night-an-gale" )
First Appears: Chapter 2
Gender: Male
Race: Human (?)
Age: 15 (?)
Arcane: Unknown
A young, seemingly high ranking hunter that has a very rude and high might attitude, possibly even described to be cocky. He is from a very well known hunter family from Siccus known as the Nightngale's, who were once part of the council till one of their family members betrayed the council. He appears to be human but some things are questionable about him.

Full Cast

Alyk Campbell
( "AL-lick" Campbell )
Female | Human | 15 | Nature | Chapter 2
One of Alice's best friends, she is the delivery girl of Willowburry and one of the many orphans that live on the streets. Alyk is one of the very few lucky ones that was adopted by a kindly old lady and man from the grocers. She is sometimes mistaken as a boy, but she doesn't mind.
Marco Drake
( "MAR-ko DRA-ach" )
Male | Human | 16 | Ater sub Lightning | Chapter 2
A young Hunter that was once a slave to a wealthy man in Willowburry. He is one of Alice's best friends and is quite rich now due to the passing of his master who taught him all he knows. He usually off traveling or hunting efahs on his own.